[Comic Con] Reviews from Preview Night Screening

Last night, there was a preview screening of The Secret Circle pilot at Comic-Con. The response was generally positive – here are some of the reviews and reactions from the preview night so far:

From Deadline:

Third in line was The Secret Circle. Fifteen minutes in I wrote in my notes: Harry Potter meets Gossip Girl.

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From Cinemablend:

My guess is that The Vampire Diaries fans are going to be on board with this one. The pilot was a little campy at parts, but it does offer a similar kind of glamorous danger to some of the other supernatural-themed TV dramas out there.

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From IGN TV:

What I really appreciated though is the significant role the adult characters play in The Secret Circle, as it is clear that they will not be pushed to the sidelines. This includes Natasha Henstridge’s character, Dawn, and a suitably creepy Gale Harold, who gets to show off the nastier and more brutal side of witchcraft in an early scene – While Williamson and his collaborators have said Secret Circle won’t get quite as morbid and gory as The Vampire Diaries can get, they still don’t seem to be afraid to at least get somewhat dark, based on the pilot.

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We will be updating this post as more reviews come in, so please watch this space.

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