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Kevin Williamson Talks About The Secret Circle at San Diego Comic-Con “We don’t have vampires and werewolves in this world.”

TSC.net sat down with other reporters yesterday at Comic-Con to talk with  Executive Producers Kevin Williamson, Andrew Miller, Richard Hatem and cast members Phoebe Tonkin, Britt Robertson, Natasha Henstridge, and Thomas Dekker.  Up first in our video interviews is Kevin Williamson.

Our first question was about Cassie’s mom dying in the TV show as oppose to being a supportive role like in the books. Kevin explains that, “they had already decided to kill her,” but that he came in and re-wrote how it happened to connect the story.

Kevin Williamson had great things to say about Andrew Miller who has been on the project from day one. “He’s so sweet and so nice. I was worried when I came onto the project that he wouldn’t be receptive of me and then we ended up being BFF like that. So I feel like I have a partner that can do all the work and I can I can just hang back.”

Kevin also talks about the book series being in development at the CW for a long  time.”Me and Julie were first approached to take on the project and decided that we weren’t ready.” Kevin is also thrilled to work with several of the cast members like Gale Harold. He says,  ” I’ve been wanting him to play this role. He’s been playing the hero in stuff, I wanted him to play the bad guy.”

We’ll be uploading  more of our exclusive coverage over the next few days.

Check out the full video below and PLEASE CREDIT IF USED:

[Comic Con] The Secret Circle Media/Press Roundup

The Secret Circle Comic-Con coverage continues, with exclusive interviews courtesy of Assignment X, The Hollywood Reporter, Zap2it, TV Guide and WetPaint.

Executive Producer Kevin Williamson talks about developing the series and adapting it to screen, as well as the differences between The Secret Circle (TSC) and The Vampire Diaries (TVD). In the Zap2it article, he further elaborates on his involvement in the show and what it means for TVD and TSC. To read both articles in its entirety, please visit Assignment X and Zap2it.

Kevin and cast member Britt Robertson chat about the show’s pacing and rule out the possibility of a TSC-TVD crossover (d’oh!) with The Hollywood Reporter. Britt also sheds light on her character, her research into the supernatural (witchcraft to be precise), and interactions with the TVD cast. Click here to read the whole article and catch Britt’s full interview clip below:

(Thanks to The Hollywood Reporter for the video!)

In the TV Guide article, Thomas Dekker, Phoebe Tonkin and Britt Robertson discuss their characters on the show and Kevin Williamson explains how the TV show differs from the book series. He states:

“[The books are] a great place to jump off from,” Williamson told fans at Saturday’s Comic-Con panel, which was moderated by this reporter. “It’s a great story. It’s rich in mythology, it’s rich in character, it’s rich in relationships. … It’s a wonderful world, which I hope I could add to it, spin it around and let go.”

Click here to read more…

Phoebe Tonkin also shares her thoughts on her character Faye and the notion of good vs. evil with WetPaint:

“I think she’s misguided. I think she’s very unpredictable. I think what’s going to be fun throughout the series is seeing Faye go from one end to the other. Faye has the potential to be really good as well. She doesn’t necessarily want to hurt people, she’s just kind of bored and it’s so fun going out and partying, which is what teenagers normally do.”

Click here to read more…

[Comic-Con] The Secret Circle Photo Gallery

Below are some TSC pictures taken at Comic-Con this weekend. We will be updating this gallery as more images become available.

A big thanks to the following sources for sharing these photos!

Photos courtesy of The WB:

Photos courtesy of  Dread Central:

Photos courtesy of  Natalie Abrams (TV Guide):

Photos courtesy of  Jim Halterman (1st pic) and Lavallais Pics (2nd pic):


And the line for the Secret Circle panel ;)   (….more pics to come soon!)

New Secret Circle Promotional Poster

A new promotional poster has been unveiled for the show. What do you guys think?

(Via Spoiler TV)


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