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Andrew Miller and Kevin Williamson Preview “Bound” (102)

Executive Producers Kevin Williamson and Andrew Miller preview tomorrow night’s episode, “Bound”. Lets us know what you think in the comment section.

Natasha Henstridge Talks with The TV Chick About Scenes with Gale Harold, Flashback Episodes, and More

The TV Chick chatted with Natasha Henstridge who plays Dawn Chamberlain about flashback episodes, being good, scenes with Gale, and more. Read entire interview here and follow The TV Chick on Twitter.

Are we going to see a lot of flashbacks and learn more about Dawn’s past?

That’s not a question for me. I’m not really sure. But you know what? I’m going to say yes, because I did have some conversations with Kevin and you will get to know and see a little bit more about that generation, sort of what happened. There’s sort of three generations really happening — the grandparents generation and I think they could still have a lot of power, but they put a stop to some other things and our generation lost the power because of some deaths, and then of course the young ones.

Will you get to do a lot of scenes with Gale Harold?
I’m assuming so. We seem like we’re very much in cahoots at the moment, so yeah.

Louis Hunter Talks with ChevronOne about Secret Circle Magic and More “After a while I realized the TV show was going to change Nick a little bit from the books.”

Louis Hunter (follow on twitter) spoke with ChevronOne about Secret Circle magic, teen sexuality, relationship with Melissa, and more. Read full interview here.

I’m curious to know if Louis has read the L.J. Smith books on which the TV show is based.

“I read the first one,” he admits. “I read the first one because I needed to get a grasp of what the fans were expecting and how the pages brought Nick to life in the first place.

“After a while I realized the TV show was going to change Nick a little bit from the books. And if they weren’t going to stay exactly true to the books in the first place I didn’t think it would be wise to read on because from the point of view of being an actor I didn’t want to get confused between the two different Nicks.

Episode Stills for “Loner” (103)

Thanks to Ksite TV here are the episode stills for “Loner”. More images can be seen in their gallery.


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