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A Very Special Halloween Message from The Secret Circle Cast

Check out this scary message from The Secret Circle cast. You may scream just a little. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Secret Circle’s Chris Zylka Interview Round-Up “There’s some s*** going on!”

Chance Harbor newcomer Chris Zylka spoke with several reporters on Tuesday about his character Jake Armstrong. Click on the links for entire articles.

TV Guide

Cassie (Britt Robertson) may be the one person who can stop Jake in his quest for revenge. “She is new and she is accepting of most things,” Zylka explains. “She gives Jake the benefit of the doubt. This may be the first time anyone has given him the benefit of the doubt because of his past. Just the feeling of being given a second chance, it’s like, ‘Why wouldn’t you consider that?’ This is a girl he sees a lot in and recognizes how powerful this girl is.”


I think Adam’s the guy that’s held this circle together the whole time, and he’s the guy that’s obviously going to be overprotective. I mean, he lost his mother, and his father is an alcoholic. He plays the dad in the circle; he’s always playing that masculine figure that no one else can. I think he takes on all of the burdens — or he tries to — within the circle. Every problem that comes to town, every single issue that the circle has, you see it on Adam’s shoulders more than anyone — and he doesn’t even say the words, which, kudos to Thomas that he pulls that off.


“Jake and Nick are so much alike, but Jake wears his heart on his sleeve, whereas Nick was so internalized. Watching the episodes as they’d air, I would understand Nick more, and understand Jake a bit more through what Louis did. Kudos to him.”

The Insider

Insider: So you were welcomed into the off-screen circle much quicker than the on-screen one?

Chris: Definitely. I already knew Thomas [Dekker, who co-starred with Chris in 2010's Kaboom] but the rest of the cast was so welcoming. Coming in, I was already a fan of the show, which has just made every single scene, relationship and moment on set come that much more from the heart. I really care about doing a good job because they’ve already done such an amazing one. These characters are witches, but no one plays them as witches — they play them as real people with real emotions and they’re all dynamic. I think that’s why the show has taken off the way it has.


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