Jessica Parker Kennedy Talks to The Hollywood Reporter about Death, Romance and What’s Next for Melissa

The Hollywood Reporter posted a great Q&A with the lovely Jessica Parker Kennedy. They discuss Melissa’s journey so far including Nick’s death, upcoming romance, and more. Read full interview here.

The Hollywood Reporter: In the past few episodes, it seems like Melissa is slowly trying to move on with her life. What is in store for her?


Jessica Parker Kennedy: Losing a boyfriend is something I can’t personally fathom and so it’s taking her a long time to recover from that. At the same time, she’s finding strength in her relationship with Faye, finding her own feet and keeping her distance. And saying, you know Faye, I’m not interested in following you around anymore; I know who I am now. She’s starting to put out her own feelers and figure out who she is and how she wants to behave in life. At the same time, she’s still struggling with the fact that she lost someone she loves very much and it’s going to take her a little while before she finds her footing again.

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