Recap Round-Up for “Witness” + Ratings

Finally the week long hiatus is over Secret Circle fans, back to business as usual. “Witness” was a very intense episode, here’s what some of the critics had to say. Click on the links to read full recaps.


Science Fiction

Memory is a tricky thing. Jake was young, and the trauma he experience might have created gaps in his memory. Also, when he left, was Cassie still in Jake’s mind or did she unconsciously spin her own take on events? There is another possibility. If John is alive (and I am 99% sure he is), did he take over and share his memories with Cassie? Why did the door close? The door shut suddenly, as though someone wanted Cassie to stay and see what happened. The memory could be fake; if he is alive, he could have planted the medallion there for Cassie to find, or he could have shared the memory with the daughter he knows he has so she would find it.

The A.V. Club

While we’re there, let me throw something at you: Adam is The Secret Circle’s Bonnie. He’s more or less an old school ghost with two holes cut out of a sheet, except instead of a sheet, it’s a wet blanket. And he looms in whatever plot he’s in, dragging it down with his clammy blanket hands, telling it things are too dangerous. Can we trust Jake? Can you trust Jake? In a box? With a fox? I can tell you who y’all can’t trust — your goddamn parents. Fortunately, finally, the story seems like it’s going to start shifting that way, now that we know Ethan was on the boat that day. Conveniently, Ethan has turned sober and not let Natasha Henstridge play him into giving up his newly acquired crystal. Worth noting (though much like Cassie turning into Malificent, it’s tough to believe our gentle town drunk is a villain): Ethan came from the direction of the room in which the others were murdered.

MTV Hollywood Crush

The big boat fire from 16 years ago that we’ve been hearing about since the teen witch series began finally had a bit of a big reveal, as well. It turns out that the fire wasn’t set by the Circle’s predecessors at all, but rather, witch hunters! Jake was instrumental in Cassie uncovering these revelations (and was with her when she discovered the animal bones buried in Blackwell’s phony grave) in a magical way.

Bonnie J Preston

Jake, who’s grown up hating witches because he’s always believed they caused the death of his parents, now knows the truth – that the witch hunters he’d been trusting were actually responsible for murdering his parents. He finds Cassie on the boat, and she is obsessed with knowing if her father is alive. She can’t understand why he would let people think he was dead. (Maybe to hide from the witch hunters?) So naturally, they go to the cemetery to dig up his body! When they do, Jake hesitates for a moment before opening the coffin, to make sure this is really what Cassie wants to do. She does, but when the coffin is opened, there are only animal bones inside.

Did anyone else think IMMEDIATELY of the graveyard scene in “The Omen”??? Yikes!

Thomas C Galvin

Diana Meade: Hi daddy! Dawn told me I could skip school today which is funny because I wasn’t going to go anyway and then she said I could drive her car and then she said we should get coffee and then she told me I wasn’t fat so go ahead and get the caramel mochachino frap with extra whip and sure let’s get the one with all the sugar in it and then she said we should have some girl time and I’m so glad you two are dating but now I have to go and not do magic with my odd assortment of friends who are in no way a circle of witches okay thank bye!




Price Peterson

So, already I was like WHAT? The boat was ALREADY ruined and decayed when the disaster happened? I don’t know if it’s because I have problems retaining information or if the show was intentionally cryptic, but my impression of this disaster (as hinted by the previous 11 episodes) was that it involved witches out on the open water having a booze cruise and then demons showing up and then everybody exploding? A spell gone wrong at the very least. But the main thing this episode did right was pull the rug out from under me right away. Everything was different from what I expected!

This week’s episod garnered 1.6 million viewers according to TV By The Numbers. WATCH AN ALL NEW EPISODE TONIGHT AT 9/8C ON The CW

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