On Set Photos of Thomas Dekker and Britt Robertson

Check out a few on set photos featuring Thomas Dekker and Britt Robertson. The entire gallery is located at #12 on Crowhaven Road. Also we’d like to give a special thank you to Pursuit23 and Linz Baker for keepin us in the Van loop. Enjoy!

Wetpaint Exclusive: Executive Producer Kevin Williamson Talks About The Magic of L.J. Smith “L.J. Smith writes about these young characters wrestling with who they are.”

Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

Wetpaint talked with Executive Producer Kevin Williamson during the 2011 TCA Summer Press Tour. Check out snippet below and read full article here.

” Just like The Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle will draw a lot of its drama from its mysterious back story — but at the end of the day, it’s also a coming of age tale. “[L.J. Smith] writes about these young characters wrestling with who they are,” says the former Dawson’s Creek producer, who is no stranger to small-screen teen angst. “And it’s always about family, friendships, betrayal, deceit — all of these themes are spinning around them.”

Natasha Henstridge Promotional Poster

Check out the newly released poster of Natasha Henstridge who will play Dawn Chamberlain in The Secret Circle. We also want to wish Natasha a Happy Birthday! Thanks to Judy Yam for posting.

Special Secret Circle Insert in Entertainment Weekly’s Fall Preview Issue

Entertainment Weekly’s Fall Preview Issue will hit stores on Sept 9th. In the issue there will be a special Secret Circle insert that’s really cool. Check out the details below via Variety. Thanks to Jon Haber for the heads up.

The CW hopes to do that in a special “Circle” insert for the Sept. 9 fall preview issue of Entertainment Weekly in which readers can light and blow out an electronic flame atop the illustration of a candle by touching metal disks and a wind sensor embedded on the page.

New Gale Harold Promotional Poster!

Thanks to Judy Yam from The CW, here’s a brand new marketing poster featuring Gale Harold.

The Secret Circle Panel at TCA (Photos)+ TV Addict Live Blog “It’s very dark.”

Check out some photos from The Secret Circle Panel at TCA today. We’ll update this post as more comes in. Photos courtesy of Daylife and The CW All rights reserved.

TV Addict live blogged the panel. Check out the full write-up here.

“What chased Cassie’s mother from the town? What happened 16 years ago that was so horrific? Those are the questions that our new circle will try to uncover for fear of their own future,” explained Williamson with regards to the show’s central mystery. “We also have Jane who as Cassie’s grandmother has her own circle. Yes, there is sort of a generational aspect when you look at the show’s mythology.”

Spoiler Alert! The series’ second episode will deal with the limitations of their powers. “That was the big fear. If you can do a spell why can’t you just do another spell to make that spell bigger,” admitted Williamson. “How do you ground it and make it real and tell this emotional story? The second episode will answer that question.”

Secret Circle Cast Attends CBS, The CW and Showtime’s 2011 TCA Party

Some of The Secret Circle cast attended the TCA Summer party held at Pagoda in Beverly Hills. Check out some photos of Natasha Henstridge, Gale Harold, and Thomas Dekker. Courtesy of Daylife and The Secret Circle Fan. TCA Summer Press Tour continues today with The CW Network/CBS/Showtime. Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates from panel.

New Episode Stills from The Secret Circle “Pilot”

CW Network released more episode stills from the “Pilot” episode of The Secret Circle. Thanks to KSiteTV for the images. Check out the rest on their website.

Photos Courtesy of CW Network

New Promotional Photo Shoot

Check out some gorgeous new shots of The Secret Circle cast. Thanks to The Secret Circle Web for posting. Click on images to enlarge.

The Secret Circle in Entertainment Weekly (Photo)

The Secret Circle has a small tidbit in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly. Check out the magazine scan below. Thanks to Ali and Britt Robertson Online.


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