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Executive Producer Andrew Miller Answers Fan Questions about “Balcoin”

The Secret Circle Executive Producer Andrew Miller sat down today at The CW network to answer fan questions about tonight’s Mid-Season Finale. Read full Q&A here.

What’s going on with Jane’s memory?
The spell that Charles and Dawn put on Jane didn’t work as well as they might have hoped. For Cassie, it is going to toss her world around a little bit, in some sense she is losing the last family member she has.

What is going to happen to Melissa post Nick’s death?
Nick’s death will show to be an empowering experience for Melissa which may turn her away from Faye.

Gale Harold Talks to Collider about Tonight’s Mid-Season Finale “There’s a line that never has the same position.”

Collider talks with Gale Harold who plays Charles Meade about tonight’s mid-season finale, “Balcoin”. He discusses power struggles with Dawn, using magic on Diana and more. Read full interview here.

What sort of repercussions are going to happen from what Charles did to Jane (Ashley Crow)?

HAROLD: Jane knows that Charles is up to something inside of her brain, and that he’s in her mind somewhere. Either she’s clever enough or just strong enough to use that against him. Charles made a mistake and he thinks this is the result, but the result is being manipulated by the person that’s experiencing it. It’s like, “Yeah, I’m acting weird. It’s not exactly how you thought I was gonna act. Is that a bad thing or a good thing? Am I making you uptight, right now? Can you figure out what’s going on?” And Charles is like, “I’m not really that smart. I can’t do all of this, at the same time.” It’s an interesting thing because it opens these other doors, at least for Dawn and Charles to be somewhat panicked and chaotic, which is always good. When they drop the ball, a lot of weird things happen.

Executive Producer Andrew Miller and Gale Harold Preview Mid-Season Finale “Balcoin” and More

A screening and Q&A of tomorrow night’s episode was held for reporters. Danielle Turchiano from Examiner spoke with them both about the mid-season finale and what’s ahead after the hiatus. Click here for full article.

“It specifically impacts Charles and Dawn because they’ve sort of screwed-up,” Miller shared. “The spell he put on her didn’t work as well as they’d hoped, and it will cause immediate problems for them. For Cassie, it’s going to sort of toss her world around a little bit because it seems like she’s losing the last family member– the last family member she has is sort of drifting away from her.”

“There’s lots to learn about this council. We started with Isaac and he’s become a really interesting character for us, but he’s one of many, and the history of the council will surprise us and goes back longer than anyone thinks right now,” Miller admitted, noting that although you maybe should not expect someone we’ve already met to be a secret member of this council, he wouldn’t rule it out as a possibility, either.

Recap Round-Up + Ratings for “Beneath”

We apologize for the recap round-up delay. As you know this week’s episode is the last of 2011. New episodes will return on Jan 5, 2012. Here’s the latest edition for last week’s episode “Beneath”. Click the links for full recaps.

Off Color TV

At least Cassie can sidestep that drama and do Sex Magik with someone else, because Jake can’t wait to get all up in her cauldron, for research purposes only of course. Jake wants to test Cassie’s powers, so he becomes the Obi Wan Kenobi to her Luke Skywalker in a really intense way that should be tripping Cassie’s danger alarm, but he’s hot so she lets it go. Jake suggests a challenge to start a fire, so they rub up against each other and close their eyes, and boom! The fireplace is ablaze. Between the exploding lightbulbs, shattering mirrors and spontaneous fires, I think this show easily wins the prize for most magic-themed orgasm metaphors.

Hollywood Crush

It wasn’t all scandalous steaminess, of course. We got some more larger-mythology-move-along as the gang set out in search of Cassie’s missing grandmother, whom we in the audience know was knocked unconscious by Charles and robbed of Henry’s (R.I.P.) secret special crystal at the end of last week’s episode. Faye’s grandfather once saved her from drowning as a child. “Beneath” offered a nod to the use of scary/creepy little kids in genre fare, as Faye’s ghostly child alter ego traipsed about in the woods.

TV Fanatic Round Table

Should Cassie date Jake?
Matt: I can’t think of any reason not to right now, can you?

Carla: No! He is trying to kill her. She has had enough pain in her life. She definitely doesn’t need to have a boyfriend who wants her dead. But if he changes loyalties, maybe. They have amazing chemistry together.

A.V. Club

Onto Faye and Her Ghost of Drownings Past. This week’s horror movie happening was the child ghost who just wants you to help her, by scaring you out of your mind until your friend plays Lady of the Lake with your dead grandfather. Pros: We got that creepy, kind of gorgeous shot of the footsteps spiraling up to the red boots, and then Faye screaming, “Cassie saw her too! Cassie saw her too!” as the boys try to drag her back to shore. Cons: The seaweed could have looked a little grosser. (Although if you’ve ever felt seaweed, you really don’t want to feel it on your skin in the bath, so points for that.) I also don’t know if it was more effective to pull Cassie off the shore and up the dock to then discover Henry’s body slowly. Wouldn’t it have been more creepy if she’d, like, gone out to help bring Faye in, and then the little girl appears, and then the body is shown? Or if she’d just reached in the water after the girl and grabbed his sleeve or the rope? Make me jump, Secret Circle!


Wise grandma Jane has been lost in action ever since she went to visit Henry at the lake house. Cassie confesses to the group, minus Melissa, that she believes it was herself who caused Luke to light up like a sparkler because she used individual magic. Furthermore, she unveils the sheets left by Calvin which could answer why she is able to unlock greater power. Unsurprisingly, Jake is extremely intrigued by these notes left by the witch he killed in last week’s episode, although, Cassie doesn’t let him get to close to them as there are more important matters to attend to, a la: Jane’s abduction.

The Outhousers

The next morning, Dawn arrives to take her daughter home as the police cart Henry’s body away in a bodybag. Jake explains to Cassie that she had somehow accessed Faye’s memories, which Henry’s residual magic was using to show Faye where his body had been stashed. Cassie’s ability to access those memories was another sign of her growing power, leaving Jake impressed and Cassie smiling for some reason. Adam, however, isn’t too thrilled to learn that Diana doesn’t want to get back together after their session of angry sex. Mostly, the two of them need to be apart to figure out if they’re meant to be together. That might be the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard and I’d feel a lot worse for Adam if not for the fact that his emo sensibilities basically caused his predicament in the first place.

Price Peterson via TV.com

To her credit, Cassie was relatively forthcoming about her ability to work magic on her own. Obviously this didn’t sit well with Faye, who said one of the meanest things she’s ever said, “If I had my own magic I wouldn’t be here.” “BURN!” – Luke (because he got burnt up.)

Think Hero


“Beneath” garnered a total of 2.26 million viewers, which means we’re holding steady.

Check out the extended preview of tomorrow night’s Mid-Season Finale “Balcoin” (109)

Extended Preview for “Balcoin” (109)

Here’s the official extended preview for next week’s episode of The Secret Circle.

Remember this episode is the Mid-Season finale…new eps return on Jan 5th, 2012.

Episode Stills from “Balcoin” (109)

Here are the images from “Balcoin”, the last episode before the dreadful hiatus (Returns Jan 5,2012). Thanks to KSiteTV for posting. Go to their site for full gallery.


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