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Britt Robertson Talks Love Triangles with MTV Hollywood Crush (Video)

MTV Hollywood Crush caught up with Britt Robertson at the Sundance Film Festival. She talked briefly about the return of John Blackwell, and Cassie being in a tug-of-war triangle.

Britt Robertson and “The First Time” Cast Portraits at Sundance Film Festival + Video of Director Jonathan Kasdan Talking About the Film

Britt Robertson attended the Sundance Film Festival for her movie “The First Time”. Her and other cast members stopped by the  the Getty Images Portrait Studio at T-Mobile Village. More pics can be found on Daylife.

Check out this video of director Jonathan Kasdan discussing the film.

The Insider Talks with Britt Robertson about Tonight’s Flashback Episode “We go back in time to answer all these fan questions. “

Britt Robertson (Cassie Blake) talked with Jarett Wieselman from The Insider. They spoke extensively about fate being on Cassie and Adam’s side, who the other Blackwell sibling could be, John Blackwell, and more. Read full article here.

Insider: Who do you prefer Cassie with?

Britt: I kind of love the idea of destiny and love at first sight. That whole connection you saw with them in the pilot was so great. I’m kind of on Team Adam, but I think Jake brings out a really cool side of Cassie, so from an actor side, I like how dangerous he makes her.

Insider: A few episodes ago, it was hinted at that Blackwell also fathered another member of the circle. Do you know who Cassie’s sibling is yet?

Britt: I don’t know, I still have no clue. I don’t think that even when they reveal it, they’ll tell us – we’ll probably shoot multiple takes of it being different names so we can’t crack and tell anyone [laughs].

Britt Robertson Talks with Hollywood Life about Adam, Fighting with Faye and More “She can do her own thing, and Faye’s jealous.”

Andy Swift from Hollywood Life spoke with Britt Robertson about Cassie’s fight with Faye, needing Jake, and possible Adam relationship. Read the full interview here.

“Adam represents the good side of her, and there’s the cosmic connection they felt from the moment they met each other,” she says. “It’s that tug of who she’ll end up choosing versus who she is. With the Adam side of it, Diana [Shelley Hennig] is also her best friend. So to betray Diana would be devastating to their friendship. Of course, now that they’re broken up, it’s definitely a possibility.”

E!Online Spoiler Chat: Britt Robertson Says Cassie Will Start Looking Into Her Past

The latest E!Online Spoiler Chat has a couple of Secret Circle tidbits. According to Britt Robertson, Cassie will start looking into her past. Check out full TSC details here.

Wow, that’s a tall order. How about that Cassie (Britt Robertson) will begin looking into her past, namely her mysterious (and most definitely evil) father John Blackwell? “We’re going to see Cassie looking through books and go through a whole thing of who her mother was and what her mother did,” Robertson tells us. “It’s like, I can only imagine where she’ll go with her father. She needs to know who she is at heart and what makes her who she is.”

Britt Robertson Talks John Blackwell, Dark Magic, Adam and More with TV Guide

Britt Robertson did a round of interviews yesterday. TV Guide’s Natalie Abrams has released the Q&A and she reveals some great details about what’s to come for Cassie Blake. As huge book fans we’re really happy that the show is bringing Black John aka John Blackwell in the fold. Read full article here.

The show has offered up little hints on where the dark magic came from in the form of the name John Blackwell. What can you tell us of her search for who John Blackwell is and her connection to him?

Robertson: A lot of people know if they’ve read the books, John Blackwell, “J.B,” is her father. [Editor's Note: The character in the novels was named Black John.] The only information that she has about him at this point is that he’s dead. She’ll try to go to her grandmother to figure it out, which is an epic part of the next episode. Her grandmother went to the lake house and now Cassie has all this new information. The witch hunters came after them, so her gut instinct is to try to find her grandmother to see what she knows about this. So they go to the lake house and then, of course, creepy, scary things happen there. It’s an ongoing search for her identity. Cassie will always be trying to figure out where she came from, who she is, who her mother was, who her father is and where this dark magic is coming from.

Britt Robertson Teases Halloween Episode to TV Line

TV Line released their latest addition of “Ask Ausiello” spoilers…Britt Robertson talks about upcoming Halloween episode. *HIGHLIGHT TO REVEAL*

Question: I’m totally hooked on The Secret Circle! Would you happen to have any scoop? —Lucyanne

Ausiello: Britt Robertson says the show’s Halloween episode will be chock full of tricks and treats. “When you have witches and Halloween, it can be fun to make fun of certain things,” she says. “What I love about what Kevin [Williamson] and Andrew [Miller] did is they weren’t trying to ignore the fact that we’re witches on Halloween. … We play with a lot of different, funny things. And one of our directors, Liz [Friedlander], who is a big part of our show, was saying, ‘The great thing about Halloween is that scary things can happen in the middle of the night and there’s people roaming the streets. You can scream [but] nobody really takes notice to it.’ So that’s kind of the fun element that we get to play with a lot.”

Phoebe Tonkin Tells TV Guide “She’s starting to feel pretty threatened by Cassie.”

TV Guide’s Natalie Abrams visited the set of The Secret Circle last night and talked with some of the cast. Phoebe Tonkin discusses her relationship with Cassie and the power struggle facing the coven. Thomas Dekker tells TV Guide that the show is taking a dark turn and “Heather” is the beginning of what’s to come. Here’s a snippet of what Phoebe Tonkin had to say. Read the full article here.

This is one of many incidents that will set off a power struggle within the coven. “Everyone’s got different intentions and everyone wants to use this magic for different things,” Tonkin says. “Everyone’s going to start swapping sides, and people that want to use it for good are going to start seeing that they can use it for evil and that they can better themselves. There’s going to be a lot of switching intentions in the circle.”

Britt Robertson Talks Relationship and Daddy Issues with Examiner “I think the last thing she’s trying to do is interfere in someone’s relationship”

Examiner’s Danielle Turchiano visited the set of The Secret Circle. She talked with Britt Robertson about relationship triangles and daddy issues. Read the full story here and watch the video below.

IGN Previews The Secret Circle+Chats with Andrew Miller and Britt Robertson

IGN previews the series premiere of The Secret Circle and talks mythology, Vampire Diaries crossover, Cassie embracing her power, and more. Read full article here.

Since The Secret Circle was announced, Williamson and Miller have been asked about the possibility of a crossover with The Vampire Diaries, but it’s not something they’re rushing to do. Explained Miller, “I think that the reasons against it are so strong, and I think we’re both afraid that when you open that door, what is it that you’re letting in? It’s like those two worlds… like Ghostbusters. Crossing the streams like that.” Miller said that while, “Nothing would make me happier than having Damon [Salvatore] waltz around our set,” one problem was that while Vampire Diaries also has witches, they aren’t portrayed in the same manner as Secret Circle.


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