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SPOILERS: Any new Big Bads coming to Chance Harbor?

Conniving parents, deadly grandmothers, and witch hunters. You would think the Circle would have their hands full. Unfortunately for them, the villains just keep on coming. Click here to read more spoilers. Highlight to reveal!

Liam: Secret Circle is getting so dark and I love it! Any new big bads coming to town? 
A bad, bad man is coming to Chance Harbor. Handsome, confident and calm, Steve is an inspiring and intimidating leader whom you’d want to think twice before crossing. Something tells us we’re about to meet a new witch hunter, maybe even the witch hunter, as he’s set to appear through the rest of the season.


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E!Online Spoiler Chat: New Love Interest and Flashbacks

In the latest edition of E!Online’s Spoiler Chat, Executive Producer Andrew Miller talks about Non-Traditional flashbacks and new love interest for Faye. Read the full story here.

“I don’t call them flashbacks exactly, but within the first bunch when we get back, we have this obligation to the fans and to the characters to enlighten everyone about what went on 16 years ago.” So, how are they doing the flashbacks? Miller wouldn’t say, but he did tease that they’re “doing it in a really, really cool way.” Color us intrigued!

E!Online Spoiler Chat: Is Melissa in Danger? Will Jake Return to Chance Harbor?

In the latest E!Online Spoiler Chat, a few Secret Circle details were revealed. Read the rest here and follow the WWK ladies on twitter @tbrick2, @fatherdowling, @JBomb11, and @KristinDSantos.

lindsx11: can we talk about the end of secret circle, please?! anything to tide us over until january…?

It seems like Melissa (Jessica Parker Kennedy) may finally be starting to get over Nick (Louis Hunter), her dearly departed BF. There’s one problem? Melissa’s new crush may get her into some pretty dangerous situations. Ah, young love…

E!Online Spoiler Chat: Britt Robertson Says Cassie Will Start Looking Into Her Past

The latest E!Online Spoiler Chat has a couple of Secret Circle tidbits. According to Britt Robertson, Cassie will start looking into her past. Check out full TSC details here.

Wow, that’s a tall order. How about that Cassie (Britt Robertson) will begin looking into her past, namely her mysterious (and most definitely evil) father John Blackwell? “We’re going to see Cassie looking through books and go through a whole thing of who her mother was and what her mother did,” Robertson tells us. “It’s like, I can only imagine where she’ll go with her father. She needs to know who she is at heart and what makes her who she is.”

E!Online Spoiler Chat: Will Jake Give Up Witch Hunting?

The lovely ladies from Watch With Kristin were kind enough to give us some Secret Circle scoop. Check out what Chris Zyla had to say about Jake Armstrong’s future as a witch hunter. Follow @tbrick2 @KristinDSantos @JBomb11 @fatherdowling on twitter for updates.

You know we love your Secret Circle scoop, so feel free to hit us with more!

Your wish is our command! While Chris Zylka tells us “Cassie (Britt Robertson) is beautiful enough to just say ‘OK, bye witch hunters!”, Jake will stay in league with them for the time being due to his complicated relationship with Isaac (J.R. Bourne). “The way I care and that Isaac cares for me…it really is going to be sort of the middle ground of what is going to happen, what choices he is going to make, and it plays off better and better with the witch hunters in every episode.”

E!Online Spoiler Chat: Charles a Magic and Power Junkie?

E!Online’s latest Spoiler Chat contains a Secret Circle tidbit. They chatted with Gale Harold about having too much power. *Highlight to Reveal* what he had to say.

Gonzosgirrl: I need some Secret Circle scoop.

Quick and to the point, we like that in a reader. We chatted with one of our TSC favorites Gale Harold about the possibility of Charles being a magic (and power) junkie. “I think they all have to have that problem,” he says. “There’s the term ‘power,’ but that term has a twin, which is the ‘problem.’ [It's] the hard thing to manage. If you can’t manage it, it’s going to manage you.” Yeah, we think Charles’ little addiction is definitely managing him right now.


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