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Gale Harold Reveals Spoilers for The Rest of Season One

Gale Harold gave The Hollywood Reporter some spoilers for the remainder of season one. Read entire article here and TUNE IN TONIGHT to watch what happens!

1. A ‘Substantial’ Shift Is Coming: With Adam’s drunk of a father Ethan becoming a major factor in Dawn’s ultimate endgame, the Charles and Dawn’s relationship will continue shift: “I’m fairly sure the shift will be substantial.” The former Queer as Folk star offered a theory as to why Dawn is treating Charles badly as of late, saying, “I think she’s trying to play me against myself. Her bringing Ethan into any sort of understanding of what’s going on is kind of moronic. It’s like giving a kid a loaded weapon.” But Ethan, who at the end of “Fire/Ice” kept the crystal from Dawn, may be a pawn. “Dawn is trying to bring [Ethan] into the chess match to cause distraction,” Harold teased.

Gale Harold Featured in TV Guide

Check out this feature of Gale Harold in next week’s TV Guide. I can think of more than 5 reasons….can you? Thanks to Secret Circle Italia for the scan. *click to enlarge*

Gale Harold Attends The HFPA and InStyle Magazine’s “Night of Firsts” Party

Gale Harold looked very dapper on the red carpet for The HFPA (Hollywood Foreign Press Association) and InStyle Magazine “Night of Firsts” party. The event was held in West Hollywood at Cecconi’s on December 8th. Photos courtesy of Getty Images/Daylife

*Postponed* SAG Foundation to Host Secret Circle Screening + Q&A with Gale Harold

SAG Foundation’s “Conversations” event will host The Secret Circle on Dec 12, 2012 at 7pm. The Q&A with Gale Harold will follow screening. Check out full details.

“The Secret Circle”
Event Type: Conversations
Title: “The Secret Circle”
Screening followed by a Q&A with Gale Harold
Date: Monday, December 12, 2011
Time: 7pm
SAG Foundation Actors Center
5757 Wilshire Blvd, Mezzanine
Los Angeles
(free validated parking)


EW Spoiler Room: More Complications for Charles Meade!

It seems Charles Meade aka Gale Harold will have quite the drama filled life when the show returns Jan 5, 2012. In this week’s EW Spoiler Room some new details were revealed, including  new casting info. Read full post here. Thanks @ChevronOne for the heads up!

Sandra, I miss the Secret Circle dearly. Some scoop would make this a truly Happy Thanksgiving! — Kelly

As if Charles’s life is wasn’t already about to get more complicated — with the impending arrival of his mother — now his high school-ex his headed to town as well! The show is currently casting the role of Lauren, described as a “haunted” woman with a “dark strength” that lurks beneath her timid surface. And casting scoop indicates she’s not too friendly with Mrs. Meade.

Gale Harold Talks to Collider about Tonight’s Mid-Season Finale “There’s a line that never has the same position.”

Collider talks with Gale Harold who plays Charles Meade about tonight’s mid-season finale, “Balcoin”. He discusses power struggles with Dawn, using magic on Diana and more. Read full interview here.

What sort of repercussions are going to happen from what Charles did to Jane (Ashley Crow)?

HAROLD: Jane knows that Charles is up to something inside of her brain, and that he’s in her mind somewhere. Either she’s clever enough or just strong enough to use that against him. Charles made a mistake and he thinks this is the result, but the result is being manipulated by the person that’s experiencing it. It’s like, “Yeah, I’m acting weird. It’s not exactly how you thought I was gonna act. Is that a bad thing or a good thing? Am I making you uptight, right now? Can you figure out what’s going on?” And Charles is like, “I’m not really that smart. I can’t do all of this, at the same time.” It’s an interesting thing because it opens these other doors, at least for Dawn and Charles to be somewhat panicked and chaotic, which is always good. When they drop the ball, a lot of weird things happen.

Executive Producer Andrew Miller and Gale Harold Preview Mid-Season Finale “Balcoin” and More

A screening and Q&A of tomorrow night’s episode was held for reporters. Danielle Turchiano from Examiner spoke with them both about the mid-season finale and what’s ahead after the hiatus. Click here for full article.

“It specifically impacts Charles and Dawn because they’ve sort of screwed-up,” Miller shared. “The spell he put on her didn’t work as well as they’d hoped, and it will cause immediate problems for them. For Cassie, it’s going to sort of toss her world around a little bit because it seems like she’s losing the last family member– the last family member she has is sort of drifting away from her.”

“There’s lots to learn about this council. We started with Isaac and he’s become a really interesting character for us, but he’s one of many, and the history of the council will surprise us and goes back longer than anyone thinks right now,” Miller admitted, noting that although you maybe should not expect someone we’ve already met to be a secret member of this council, he wouldn’t rule it out as a possibility, either.

Gale Harold Talks with TV Fanatic about Nick’s Death, Relationship with Dawn, and More

Gale Harold who plays Charles Meade spoke to TV Fanatic exclusively about Nick’s death, working with Diana and Dawn, and more. Read the entire interview here.

Charles is taking the death of Nick very hard. Is it safe to assume this is the first time he’s killed an innocent?

With these characters, I think all assumptions are very unsafe.

Talk about the dynamic between Charles and Dawn. They are after the same goal, but Dawn seems more focused and cold-hearted when it comes to accomplishing it. Is that a fair assessment?

Dawn does seem to have a very clear strategy, and she’s very effective at manipulating Charles to serve her plans. The backstory for that will be interesting to learn. That being said, are they actually after the same thing? Hard to say.

Gale Harold Talks All Things Charles Meade with Entertainment Weekly “Once you open the door, what is behind it?”

Gale Harold who plays evil at least for now, Charles Meade talks with Entertainment weekly about Charles’ intentions, relationship with Dawn, power struggle, and more. Read full interview here.

Charles has said he hasn’t been in a relationship since Dawn’s mother died 16 years ago. Is that the truth? We’ve seen the kids getting some action on the show. Will Charles?

Well, you get that idea based on the one conversation you see Charles and Diana have about this. But who knows? His daughter has to go to sleep and then get up and go to school during the day. Just like you don’t know what your kids are doing, you don’t know what your parents are doing. Who knows what’s going on? I think he is lonely, and I think it’s difficult for him because as Diana gets older, she really reminds him of the fact that his wife is gone. That’s a really painful echo.

E!Online Spoiler Chat: Charles a Magic and Power Junkie?

E!Online’s latest Spoiler Chat contains a Secret Circle tidbit. They chatted with Gale Harold about having too much power. *Highlight to Reveal* what he had to say.

Gonzosgirrl: I need some Secret Circle scoop.

Quick and to the point, we like that in a reader. We chatted with one of our TSC favorites Gale Harold about the possibility of Charles being a magic (and power) junkie. “I think they all have to have that problem,” he says. “There’s the term ‘power,’ but that term has a twin, which is the ‘problem.’ [It's] the hard thing to manage. If you can’t manage it, it’s going to manage you.” Yeah, we think Charles’ little addiction is definitely managing him right now.


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