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Recap Round-Up+Ratings for “Wake” (106)

Last week’s episode “Wake” introduced a new character, Jake Armstrong played by Chris Zylka. The television recappers had lots to say about the newcomer and mythologies introduced in the episode. Click on the titles to read full recap.

The Voice of TV

Cassie’s (Britt Robertson) grandmother explains that the binding is to each other’s bloodline not to individual witches. This was well-written not only because it puts to rest that burning question that if left unanswered would only distract you for the rest of the episode but it also was an excellent way to introduce Nick’s older brother, Jake (Chris Zylka), who comes to Chance Harbor for Nick’s funeral.

Off-Color TV

Mythology Moment: This one’s pretty cool, actually. The crystals, in addition to giving a circle incredible power when they’re assembled, can help witches do magic on their own without the help of their fellow Circle Jerkers. Good thing Gran told Cassie to keep it under her hat, because Faye would cut a bitch to get her hands on that thing, for the locker assistance alone!

Science Fiction

‘Wake’ is an excellent follow up to last week’s episode. The tight, well written script paces the plot developments and revelations at a rhythm that keeps suspense high while giving viewers time to digest new bits of information. Small scenes divulge new insights. For example, during Nick’s wake, Ethan says, “This town can’t stop burying teenagers,” and tells Adam more about sixteen years ago. The wake back then was held in the school gym. Amelia wasn’t there because she was distraught over Blackwell. “Who’s Blackwell?” Adam asks. Ethan doesn’t answer. This scene shows more of Ethan’s pain over losing Amelia romantically and literally, lets viewers learn more about Adam through an interaction with his father, and reveals more about the events from sixteen years ago. Adam asking about Blackwell suggests Blackwell is not one of the six families of witches in Chance Harbor. Good question, Adam. Hopefully one of these days we find out more about Blackwell.

Chevron One

I’m not quite sure how this episode will be remembered. The one where Diana breaks up with Adam? The one where Jake comes to town? The one where Cassie gets a crystal of her own to play with? The one where Charles start to lose it? The one where Handsome Ethan shows off his sexy arms in that T-shirt? (Don’t pretend you didn’t notice!) Many of the episode’s scenes were so ripe for a ‘Top 5 OMG moments’ list it’s hard to know where to begin.

Hollywood Life

And my special hug of the week goes to Jessica Parker Kennedy, because I’d be lying if I said I didn’t grieve for Nick right alongside her. I know she knew Nick more intimately than the rest of the Circle members, but I was disappointed with the others’ lack of mourning.

Price Peterson for TV.com

She actually made some good points about how SHE deserves to have a soul mate written in the stars also. As a viewer though, this was a great way to destabilize the character dynamics. I’m not sold at all on a Cassie-Adam hookup, but everyone’s definitely more interesting now that they’re all free agents.I actually found it pretty poignant when Diana turned to Cassie for friendship.



According to TV BY The Numbers The Secret Circle was up 13% from last week with 2.12 million total viewers.

During week three of the 2011-12 broadcast season (Oct 3-9, 2011), Modern Family and The Secret Circle topped the rankings for the week’s DVR viewing added between the Live+Same Day period (as reported in all our other ratings posts) and the Live + 7 Day measurement periods. via TV By The Numbers

This week….Halloween is near and Thursday Chance Harbor will get very spooky. Watch an the Extended Preview and TUNE IN THURSDAY at 9/8c.

Andrew Miller Previews “Wake” (Video)

Executive Producer Andrew Miller previews “Wake” in the latest CW video.

TV Line Previews Tonight’s Episode “He’s the guy who broke Faye’s heart”

TV Line’s Vlada Gelman visited the Vancouver set of The Secret Circle recently. She talked with the cast about complications lurking for the circle, Ethan and Adam’s relationship, Faye’s broken heart, and more. Read full article here.

The CW series’ newest hunk will come into town and take a liking to Cassie because “she’s the only one who comes to know him for who he is now” and not the bad guy everybody else remembers, previews Miller. Not surprisingly, Jake’s interest in the coveted blonde “will cause a lot of ripples in our triangles within the circle.”

But don’t assume that it’s Adam who will have the toughest time dealing with Jake’s return. “He’s the guy who broke Faye’s heart,” reveals Miller. “He left Faye in a very bad emotional place. Him coming back is probably hardest for her.”

AOL TV Exclusive Clip of “Wake” (106) + Q&A with Executive Producer Andrew Miller

Laura Prudom from AOL TV spoke with Executive Producer Andrew Miller about Nick’s death, fandom reaction, what’s ahead for the coven, and more. Read full story here.

Cassie’s attention had wandered away from her boyfriend — she said “maybe not.” Can you elaborate on why that might be?
Oooh … that’s a more intriguing answer than I could ever come up with! Well, I think that Cassie could fall in love with a lamppost and she would be relieved, if her big blue eyes are looking at something other than Adam. But the problem with Jake is that he represents trouble for them. Diana understands how much of a threat he is as much as anybody because of Adam, and of all the guys [for Cassie] to be attracted to, Jake is maybe the worst for them.

How long do you foresee Chris Zylka being around at this point?
Things change fast in Chance Harbor, as we’ve come to learn. We’re not totally sure, but he’s there for a little while, at least, and he’s been doing an amazing job. We love him a lot on the show, so hopefully he can hang around.

Official CW Extended Preview for “Wake” (106)

Here’s the extended preview for next week’s episode “Wake”.

Official Synopsis for “Wake” (106)

Here’s the official synopsis for “Wake” (106). *HIGHLIGHT TO REVEAL*

FAYE PLOTS HER REVENGE WHEN AN EX-BOYFRIEND RETURNS TO CHANCE HARBOR — When Jake (guest star Chris Zylka), a mysterious young man, shows up in Chance Harbor, he learns a lot has changed since his last visit. For one, the girl he left behind, Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) has discovered she’s a witch and has plans to get even with the handsome guy who broke her heart. To complicate things further, he sets his sights on the alluring Cassie (Britt Robertson), much to Adam (Thomas Dekker) and Faye’s dismay. Guy Bee directed the episode written by Andrea Newman (#106).


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